Sex With Emily

Sex and relationship therapists Celeste Hirschman and Danielle Harel, authors of Cockfidence: The Extraordinary Lover's Guide To Being The Man You Want To Be And Driving Women Wild divulge the most crucial factors influencing sex in relationships as special guests in this episode. Emily and the women discuss passion, "faking it," and romantic encounters. Plus, how men can get more connected with selves.

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Emily is your survival guide to being single for the holidays. How to embrace being single and why you should making a dating and/or relationship resolution for the New Years, like dating and sleeping with people you actually like. Happy holidays one and all!

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Put on your spandex pants because Emily’s talking about sexercises and all the facts you need to know about sex. Emily reveals a new trend involving geography, sex, and smell. Then she gets into a slew of other topics, including: cheating, premarital sex, swinging, Kegels, oral sex, loss of desire, and Emily’s favorite phrase “Jack Rabbit Sex.”

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Emily talks about the differences between Los Angeles and San Francisco men. Her long standing “friend with benefits” relationship comes to a tidy end and Emily breaks down Menace’s love life. Also, vibrating panties and what to do when your partner has no style.

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How to make your first time with a vibrator truly special, from mood lighting and soft music to clitoral stimulation and explosive orgasms. Emily shares the number one thing women want in bed and how to tease and build anticipation without being annoying. She also answers listener letters about guys who shower immediately after sex, ejaculation etiquette, alternative sex routines, and foot fetishes.

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