Sex With Emily

The iconic Porn Star Nina Hartley talks about making porn, feminism, non-monogamy, and how to give a woman the perfect hand job (there is some light pulling and pinching involved). Nina Hartley also talks boldly about the butt. Nina says, “Butts are like cats. They have to be coaxed and seduced every time. They are moody and you can’t fool a butt into liking you, or feeling relaxed. Butts know when the thing touching them is paying attention, or being a jerk.” In other words, if you want to get down and dirty with anal sex, you must have open communication with your partner and feel genuinely comfortable with your butt (and what’s going on inside of it). While drunken anal sex might seem like the greatest thing in the world, it’s better to be fully aware of what is happening and be cognizant of hygiene rules. Before you even get to anal sex or intercourse for that matter, you need to find out what kind of relationships you’re looking for. Are you monogamous and looking for one mate, or are you non-monogamous and ready to land in more than one place? Nina talks about her sexual identity and how she embraced a non-monogamous lifestyle. When we're younger, we often make the same mistakes over and over again. Sleeping with people who don’t care about us, and getting in relationships with people who don’t want the same things as we do, and feeling guilty for having a love life that falls short of a romantic comedy. You have to figure out what works for you, and not anyone else. Some people enjoy random sex, other people don’t. Nina enjoys doing porn because she likes having sex with people without having to date them. Other people find that having sex with strangers makes them feel empty. Find out what kind of relationships makes you happy, and don’t look back. Finally, Nina Hartley gives descriptive directions on how to pleasure a woman with your hands. You’ll learn how to lightly pinch and pull her clitoris and make it move. Nina gives great foreplay tips, because unless she says, “do me right now you sexy beast,” you’re going to have to get her warmed up for sex. Special Offer for listeners of Sex with Emily: Freak In The Sheets If you want to change your love life check out: Emily and TonyPromescent,Crazy GirlMax4MenMasque, and Good VibrationsEmily and Tony is a premium, intimate personal-care brand that believes intimacy should be fun, flirty, sensual and natural. Our products: Aromatherapy Massage CandlePersonal Naturally Hydrating Lubricant, and DownUnder Comfort for you sweaty nether regions. Use coupon code Emily25 at checkout for 25% off your purchase at Crazy Girl and Max4Men. Use coupon code GVEmily20 at checkout for 20% off purchases of $100 or more at Good Vibrations. Or use coupon code Emily for 15% off anything at Good Vibrations.

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