Sex With Emily

Pro Dominatrix and Author Jaeleen Bennis shows you the ropes on bondage play. She mixes massage with kink, showing couples how to have more adventurous sex. She created the practice of Bondassage, which mixes erotic massage with bondage. Start by lighting up my Emily & Tony Massage Candle (when lit it turns into the most luxurious, warm massage oil) and pour it onto your partners body. Relax them with a back massage... and then the real fun begins. Bring out the straps and floggers, and start exploring your partner's erogenous zones. We explain how you can tell if your partner likes what you're doing. Hint: If their toes are moving around like crazy, you're doing something right. Jaeleen also gives tips on how to give men an anal massage. Gentleman, it's time you invited someone into your backdoor. Remember to always establish a safe word like "pickle" for when things get out of hand.

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