Sex With Emily

This episode of Sex With Emily is about all different kinds of sex. From threesomes to sex with friends to sex with your boyfriend’s friends, Emily guides us through the in’s and out’s of these different sexual endeavors.

Is a dreaded Ikea trip in your relationship future? Have you tried using sex to reduce stress? Are you horny and having trouble letting go of a lost loved one? Well, you’re in luck! All these topics are tackled this week in Sex in the News.

Emily gives some pertinent advice to a kinky couple about condom etiquette in a threesome - Just be safe all around! Emily helps another listener with a gag reflex problem, and another still who has a problem with infidelity. Also, can women be bad in bed? Have you ever :swiveled and screwed"? Get the skinny on sex with a woman on top and so much more on this week’s episode of Sex With Emily!

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