Sex With Emily

On today’s show, Emily welcomes Suicide Girl and unapologetic sex-enthusiast Moxi Cox to talk everything from sex toys to nontraditional relationships to new levels of kink!


Moxi is a blogger, sex educator, radio personality and psychology student, not to mention a model for the popular Suicide Girls site. From sexually conservative beginnings to the world of nude modeling, Moxi chronicles her journey to sexual discovery, opens up about her favorite sex products and shares tips on what it takes to find success in an open relationship. She also helps Emily answer a listener email on getting your partner to turn up the kink. If you’re interested in taking your sex life from fluff to rough, these ladies have advice to help you get the hard-lovin’ you’re hankering for.

This episode of Sex With Emily is your one-stop, fully stocked hour-long block of hot sex talk with Moxi Cox. From favorite sexual experiences to favorite porn picks, and even her favorite way to orgasm, this is a whole lotta show that you don’t want to be left out of!

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