Sex With Emily

In this classic episode of Sex With Emily, the iconic porn star Nina Hartley joins the show opens up about her start in porn, non-monogamy, feminism, and so much more. From handjobs to polyamory and everything in between, the nothing is off limits for this dynamic duo!

Emily and Nina get into the nitty gritty details of uncovering your orgasm, discovering new fetishes and traversing the road to your anal pleasure. Believe it or not, there ARE wrong ways to go about sexual exploration, but these two have the sexpert tips you’ll need to make your journey a smooth and sexy one.

If your sex life has hit a speed bump and you need a few pointers to clear your path to sexual fulfillment, this throwback podcast is not one to pass up! Get advice straight from a living legend of the porn industry, and of course, Emily, too!

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