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Questions answered: Are you bicurious? Should you give up your marriage because you aren’t having sex? What happens when his baby mama catches you having sex with him in his trailer? How do you date if you have social anxiety? Should you tell women they are beautiful when you first meet them? Why do some people  seek relationships with people who are unobtainable?

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I don't think you're having enough kinky sex. When I say kinky sex, I don't mean you have to do it chained to a spinning apparatus. I just think you should leave your bed once in a while and experiment. This podcast will show you how to have sex outside your comfort zone and try new things with your partner, from butt slapping to sex in the bar bathroom. Okay, maybe you should just start by having sex in your bathroom at home... then you'll be ready for some serious sexcapades. I'll show you how to have sex with your partner in a completely different way. You'll feel like you're doing it with a sexy stranger you met at a bar, and not your husband Bob or your wife Susan. I'll also show you how to sext like a romance novelist, without using the term quivering member (ew). How serious do you need to be with someone before you sext them? Rule of thumb: If they haven't seen you're penis yet, don't send them a picture of your penis. Also, how specific should you get with your sexting. What's better? I want to suck your c@*%, or I want to suck your c@*% under the desk? Once you learn how to sext and seduce your partner like a stranger in the night, I'll demonstrate how to talk dirty. Talking dirty means letting loose, which may make you feel uncomfortable initially. Find your dirty talk voice and stay away from clinical words like penis. If you want him to know that you like his pickle, tell him you like his c@*% (you know what I'm saying). I'll tell you how to get started and open up, so you don't feel incredibly awkward getting your dirty talk on.

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Become charming and confident, even if you no idea what to say and have no confidence whatsoever. Jordan Harbinger is a lifestyle coach. He teaches men the art of charm (no natural charm required). He starts by identifying any situational confidence a man may or may not have. If a man is extremely confident in his work as a doctor, Jordan shows him how to channel that confidence into talking to women. Talking about your favorite band and alcoholic beverage of choice will become as easy as talking about scalpels and stethoscopes.

Jordan explains how men can shift their body language to change how women perceive them. If a guy doesn’t have any situational confidence, they have to start from scratch. Men must unlearn all the negative things they think about dating and women. All that negativity is extremely unattractive and hinders men from having the relationships they want. Women can sense when a guy isn’t being genuine. If you want to attract women you have to find out what you bring to the table, and bring it!

Jordan also talks about how men can deal with rejection. Some men would rather feel like a comfortable failure than put themselves out there. With low risk comes low reward. A word from the wise, don’t linger by the bar bathroom because you’re afraid to approach her when she’s with her friends. You don’t want to be the creepy guy lurking by the women’s bathroom. Just walk up to her and start a conversation (Jordan will tell you what to say).

Once you get the number, Jordan tells you what to text her. Unless you want to be watching Men In Black II alone on a Saturday night, avoid “Hey, What’s Up?” He even tells you where to go on a date. Whatever you do, don’t go to a dinner and movie. To sum it up: what most men are doing, just isn’t working. Unless you want to be the creeper lingering by the bathroom, listen to this podcast.

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I’m giving tips for changing up your sex life. I’m going to turn you into a finger sucking, nipple pinching, penis rubbing, sex machine. Or at least I’ll inspire you to do something other than missionary position with reruns of 7th Heaven playing in the background. Do men like getting their nipples pinched? There’s only one way to find out. The next time you feel like pinching his cheeks, go straight for his nipples. nipple pinching Also, what if people were completely honest on their profiles? (BTW you go to and get 7 days free. “Hi, I’m Emily. In my free time I like to organize my sex toys. Sometimes I like to organize them by color, and other time by size.” Would you date me?

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The iconic Porn Star Nina Hartley talks about making porn, feminism, non-monogamy, and how to give a woman the perfect hand job (there is some light pulling and pinching involved). Nina Hartley also talks boldly about the butt. Nina says, “Butts are like cats. They have to be coaxed and seduced every time. They are moody and you can’t fool a butt into liking you, or feeling relaxed. Butts know when the thing touching them is paying attention, or being a jerk.” In other words, if you want to get down and dirty with anal sex, you must have open communication with your partner and feel genuinely comfortable with your butt (and what’s going on inside of it). While drunken anal sex might seem like the greatest thing in the world, it’s better to be fully aware of what is happening and be cognizant of hygiene rules. Before you even get to anal sex or intercourse for that matter, you need to find out what kind of relationships you’re looking for. Are you monogamous and looking for one mate, or are you non-monogamous and ready to land in more than one place? Nina talks about her sexual identity and how she embraced a non-monogamous lifestyle. When we're younger, we often make the same mistakes over and over again. Sleeping with people who don’t care about us, and getting in relationships with people who don’t want the same things as we do, and feeling guilty for having a love life that falls short of a romantic comedy. You have to figure out what works for you, and not anyone else. Some people enjoy random sex, other people don’t. Nina enjoys doing porn because she likes having sex with people without having to date them. Other people find that having sex with strangers makes them feel empty. Find out what kind of relationships makes you happy, and don’t look back. Finally, Nina Hartley gives descriptive directions on how to pleasure a woman with your hands. You’ll learn how to lightly pinch and pull her clitoris and make it move. Nina gives great foreplay tips, because unless she says, “do me right now you sexy beast,” you’re going to have to get her warmed up for sex. Special Offer for listeners of Sex with Emily: Freak In The Sheets If you want to change your love life check out: Emily and TonyPromescent,Crazy GirlMax4MenMasque, and Good VibrationsEmily and Tony is a premium, intimate personal-care brand that believes intimacy should be fun, flirty, sensual and natural. Our products: Aromatherapy Massage CandlePersonal Naturally Hydrating Lubricant, and DownUnder Comfort for you sweaty nether regions. Use coupon code Emily25 at checkout for 25% off your purchase at Crazy Girl and Max4Men. Use coupon code GVEmily20 at checkout for 20% off purchases of $100 or more at Good Vibrations. Or use coupon code Emily for 15% off anything at Good Vibrations.

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Lady in the streets, freak in the sheets. I'm helping out a small-town girl find her inner freak in the bedroom. She's also looking for some sexy companions to practice with *wink wink*. Getting freaky is all about pushing the boundaries and letting down your inhibitions with someone you trust. If you want your sex life to get a little freakier, tell your partner you're ready to try some bondage, or bring a sex toy into the bedroom. I'm sure you can find some way to convince them to get freaky with you. Tie them up, dish out the commands, or maybe practice your deep throating skills. In this show, I give pointers on how to deep throat. Deep throating can be a sexy alternative to a more traditional blow job. FYI Don't stress too much if you're having a hard time deep throating; you don't have to swallow his penis to give satisfying oral sex. I'm giving you tips for giving a blow job without having to try so hard.

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Things that I don’t tolerate and you shouldn’t either: cheaters, selfish lovers, and fake orgasms. Don’t fake orgasms! Don’t try to put on a sexy face and give a porn star moan when you don’t mean it. Instead of faking orgasms, find out how you can really enjoy sex. It helps if you have a tall, dark, and handsome companion, but you need to do the work on yourself to find out what feels good. Show him what you like, instead of putting on a show to satisfy his ego.How do you know if your boyfriend is cheating? If you have to ask whether your boyfriend is a cheater or not, then he’s probably a cheater. I’ll show you how to know whether he’s a cheater or not, without going through his cell phone in the middle of the night.How much should you talk about sex on a date? As a sex expert, I probably talk about sex more than the average person. I can’t help bring up sex when I’m out on a date, but should you talk about sex on the first date? Also, what do you do about a selfish lover? If he’s not going down on you, what is the best plan of attack? Withhold oral sex from him? Steal his video game controls? Or maybe you should just communicate with your partner that you want oral sex?

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According to Loveline Host Mike Catherwood, real men give oral sex (if only all men shared Mike Catherwood's definition of a real men *sigh*). If you don't genuinely want to please women and you don't want to give them multiple orgasms, listen to another podcast! Real men: Don't become irrationally angry about their girlfriend's sexual history. Instead of obsessing about your partner's past sexual experiences, focus on making your present relationship pleasurable. Just like you've desired other women, they've desired other men. What matters now is that you desire and enjoy each other. Real men don't pound away like a jack hammer during sex. Real men follow Mike Catherwood's three amazing oral sex tips on women (they're good ladies!). Real men understand that sex isn't just about technique or how long you last, it's about having confidence and a good attitude (even if you orgasm in 15 seconds). Real men use vibrators during sex! Real men try to make sex interesting in long-term relationships. And finally, real men don't call women sluts. 

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Female Ejaculation- it is intense and it is real. With your finger on her G-spot and your thumb on her clitoris, give her a crazy, squirting orgasm. I’ll tell you how to warm her up, find her G-spot, massage her G-spot, and pleasure her clitoris until she gets to the point of female ejaculation. Before I bequeath you with the secrets of female ejaculation, I give listeners advice on how to have the sex and relationships they want. I help: The guy who needs a new sex position. The husband who won’t stop inappropriately poking his wife. The woman who needs to dye her hair a crazy color and have more confidence. The guy who needs to get pegged with a strap-on. And of course, the woman who wants to squirt.

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Swingers Holli and Michael from Playboy Radio’s SWING share everything about living sexy— The swingers parties, dealing with jealousy, and of course the sex. Almost everyday someone asks me, "so what's the deal with swingers?" No, they don't all have ponytails, and they aren't all "crazy." Unless your definition of crazy is having open communication with your partner, and admitting that monogamy doesn't always work for you. Swingers put everything out in the open— they share their fantasies with their partner, ask for consent before trying to have with someone, and tell their partner everything. Swingers have so much trust in their relationships because there is nothing to hide. There is no cheating and lying. Although swingers are largely perceived as "crazy," they have some of the most realistic and unrepressed relationships I've ever seen. Even if you don't want partake in the Swingers lifestyle, there are a lot things people can learn from Swingers and people in open relationships. The great part about open relationships is that you get to create your own rules. You decide on things like, are you allowed to kiss another person? If you go sleep with someone, does that mean you spend the night? Setting up rules forces the couple to communicate about what they expect from the relationship. Enough about relationships, let's get to the sex. Holli and Michael give their best sex tips. Holli, a bisexual swinger, and Michael, who has gone down on A LOT of women, give advice on giving women oral sex. Michael even shares how he gives women multiple orgasms, because why limit yourself to only one orgasm?

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