Sex With Emily

When the mood strikes, it can be tempting to get down and dirty just about anywhere, but not so fast! In today’s show, Emily and Menace reveal why you might want to think twice about where you want to get frisky, and address some of your transitional trepidations.

Is your romantic trip with your long distance lover being hijacked by her friends? How do you go from casual sex to a committed relationship? Do you feel like you’re second-rate compared to your partner’s pornstar ex? Emily and Menace give advice on how to overcome these amorous anxieties, and even fess up to some of their raunchiest public sex experiences!

From inferior insecurities to imbibing girlfriends to friends with benefits, this podcast is the change-up you need to transform your love life!

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From a velcro wall to your bedroom, it’s no secret that Sportsheets has taken the sex world by storm. In today’s show, Emily and Menace are joined by CEO and founder of Sportsheets, Tom Stewart. With Tom as their guide, they unpack the evolution of the revolutionary bondage brand, in addition to providing you with you ample advice to satisfy all your carnal curiosities!

Is monogamy slowly becoming a thing of the past? Are you begging for a pegging, but aren’t sure how pull it off? How do you change your rollercoaster sex life into something more steady? Tom assists Emily and Menace in answering these questions, and gives us the lowdown on Sportsheets’ hottest bondage products, as well as all things pegging and prostate play.

Whether you want to be tethered, tied up, blindfolded or pegged, don’t restrain yourself from listening to this podcast!

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Ever wonder how the experts improve their own sex lives? In today’s show, Emily and Menace check in with Emily’s Somatica coaches Celeste & Danielle to reflect on her experiences with somatic sex therapy so far. Then it’s on to your emails!


How do you keep yourself from getting stuck in the friend zone with a new crush? What’s the best way to share your STI status with a new partner? What do you do when the source of your relationship insecurities also happens to be a good friend? Emily and Menace tackle these sex and dating difficulties, and Emily opens up about some of the most important things she’s discovering about herself as a lover—because everyone can still learn a thing or two!

From relationship revelations to lube etiquette to choosing “man’s best friend” over your girlfriend, this podcast is chock full of lessons to help you become a better lover (and friend).

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Does having a high sex drive equal sex obsessed? In today’s show, Emily and Anderson are busting through one of the biggest sex myths of our time—in addition to addressing your sexual confidence conundrums, of course!


Are you worried that your high libido may scare off your new beau? What do you do when you’re cohabitating AND uncoupling at the same time? Is your inexperience giving you a false start in the bedroom? Emily and Anderson answer these bedroom insecurities and more—plus, tell you the best way to deal with the age old question, “What’s your sex number?”

Whether you think you’re slightly sexually obsessed, you have a lower libido than average, or you’re quite content with your sexual appetite, this podcast may give you a new sense of self!

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It’s September, and instead of going “Back to School,” we’re taking it Back to Sexual Confidence! Emily and Anderson are joined by sex educator, author and body confidence pundit Elle Chase to kick off this month of self love and acceptance. Together, they tackle your most troubling anxieties, tear down your insecurities and help you find your “inner sexy.”

What are the best sex positions for curvier figures? Are you worried about the length of your labia? Where do you start when you’re rediscovering your sexuality? The trio give their tips on these issues as well as discuss just how long the ideal sex session lasts—it might be shorter (or longer) than you think.

Whether you’re a sexually confident stud, or you could use a pep talk or two, this podcast will have you feeling sexier than ever!  

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We’re ending Anal Sex Month with a bang and revving you up for Back to Sexual Confidence Month! In today’s show, Emily is joined by punk rock porn darling Joanna Angel to give you tips on a plethora of sex and relationship predicaments.


Is your partner’s delayed ejaculation giving you lock jaw? How do you get your lover to comfortably climb on (your face)? What do you do when your vanilla partner keeps your inner freak from shining? Emily and Joanna answer these sexual inquiries and more, plus tell you what France is doing to up their sexual education!

From face sitting to foot fetishes to all the anal, oral, and squirting tips you can ask for, this podcast covers it all!

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Do men and women share the same fantasy when it comes to threesomes? According to science, definitely not. But that doesn’t mean they’re ruling them out…

In this show, Emily is joined by Menace and her San Francisco friend Stacy to traverse a range of love and sex topics. Are you perplexed by your lack of success in the dating world? Is your inexperience causing your lover to enjoy sex less? The triad lends their honest advice on all this and more, and Emily gets real about her recent transition from a past relationship to her dating present.

Whether you’re suffering from post-orgasm exhaustion, want to bring your bashful babe to bed without scaring her off, or are curious to know what factors produce a perfect threesome, this show will have you breaking out your notepads!

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In today’s show, Emily and Menace are joined by surprise guest Woody from the Woody Show! Together, the three tackle a range of sex and dating topics that are definitely NSFR: Not Safe For Radio.

Are you wondering how to turn your craigslist encounter into something more? Do you find yourself running out of steam mid-bj? How do you stop your relationship insecurities from becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy? Whatever your current struggle or strife, this show offers a variety of avenues to help you toward your solution. Emily, Menace and Woody also get into intimate dating details from their own personal lives and dissect the ever-changing millennial mindset.

Whether you’re unsure about the effectiveness of your handies, want tips to land your dream girl, or are wondering if Orlando’s penis is, in fact, in full Bloom, this show is sure to leave you more than satisfied.

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Are you struggling to navigate the minefield that is modern dating? Does the idea of true intimacy fill you with dread? If so, you’re not alone. Today’s show teaches you how to face those fears head on, whether you’re single and ready to mingle, or starting to settle down.

Are you caught between commitment and playing the field? What are the rules when it comes to dating a best friend’s past lover? What’s the best way to close the door on an open relationship? Emily and Menace respond to these dating dilemmas and discuss how PornHub is promoting sending items to the Olympics in the name of sexual health!

From free porn for self-loving Olympians to tips for making the most of your smaller-than-average member to an almost ménage à trois in Mexico, this podcast is packed with honest advice to put your sexual self-doubts at bay!

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Do you ever feel like you’re just not getting what you need, from your lovers to lubes to your masturbation routine? In today’s show, Emily gives you the tips you need to vamp up all of your sexual selections!

Has a string of unavailable men led you to question your dating type? How do you get back into your masturbation mindset when it seems you’ve lost your way? And how do you revive your lukewarm relationship after a recent infidelity? Emily and Menace share their thoughts on these debacles and discuss their top dating profile dealbreakers. Plus, Emily gives some handy tips to make your finger-foreplay faultless!

Whether your lube choices are less than stellar, your partner-picker is broken, or your online bragging is dragging you down, this podcast has the advice you need!

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