Sex With Emily

It’s that magical time of year again, INTERN SEX TOY REVIEW DAY! But first, Emily shares hilarious adventures from her LA kitchen. Spoiler alert: This one ends with a smoke alarm and a honey bee.

Then we move on to talk about sex and interns! Along with her assistant Lauren, Emily’s newest intern Madison is in the studio to tell tales from her sex drawer, including the story of how her boyfriend accidentally stumbled upon her first vibrator (it’s funny one!), and how it opened up their already scintillating sex life.

Now her sex drawer runneth over, and she has found a new toy that knocks her Magic Bullet right off the shelf: the G-Twist SmartVibe from GoodVibesToys. From external use to internal use to mounting the damn thing, Madison explains her time with the toy that she rates as “Expert Level”. Her advice: start off slow, use A LOT of lube, and when it comes to the “Turbo Boost”, proceed with caution!

Between dishing about penis length and oral sex, Emily talks the benefits of using sex toys with a partner. In all her time as a sexpert, she has never heard a couple regret using toys together. Although if you’ve got one, we definitely want to hear it!

This Podcast is filled with fun stories, Fleshlights and tips to conquer vaginal insecurity! Don’t miss out on the newest Intern Sex Toy Review! In the words of Emily: “Dude, this is gonna rock your world!”

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Emily and Menace are back in the studio and cover a lot of ground from body image to sexuality to learning to love the blow job, this Podcast is sure to educate and entertain you.

The two catch up on recent developments, including Menace’s visit to the Taco Bell mecca and the blessed return of Emily’s Facebook page. Wondering what caused our three week Facebook hiatus? Emily explains her struggle with social media censorship.

Also in the studio are Cyan and Nadya of, here to talk erotica, photography and body positivity, among other things. Zivity is an erotic photography website for real people, where models, photographers and fans alike can enjoy and appreciate the art they love.

Zivity features beautiful photography with a  wide range of fantasies and scenarios. Want to know the most popular themes? The ladies of Zivity dish on the hottest sets, costumes and fantasies. And speaking of costumes- Emily and Menace’s Hamburglar debate comes back into play! Would Emily “Hamburglar-Suit Up” for her dream man? The answer is still... No!

Cyan and Nadya talk issues with nudity in our society, including social media censorship and the “Free The Nipple” movement.

Next the gang moves on to some listener emails! Emily and her trusty round-table advise a woman with a sensitive clitoris. They also help a listener conquer her dislike of semen so she can give her boyfriend the best BJ ever, which spurs a lively group discussion on spitting versus swallowing. In other news, anal pleasure month is coming - Are YOU ready?

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Comedian Adam Ray stopped by the studio to talk sex (of course) and share other stories of debauchery with Emily and Anderson. From dropping out of football to play the lead in Grease to getting kicked out a comedy club for dropping the C-Word, to landing the role of lead villain in the popular comedy The Heat, Adam tells the tale of how he cracked his way into show business to his new release Poptart Suicide.

The gang discusses Emily’s world of sexual innuendos (and everything in between). Adam spills his spiciest sex story, which leads to a lengthy discussion on threesomes. Want to know how to make a threesome work? Emily gives tips & Anderson shares a story of what happens when threesomes go bad. Then Adam answers the sex question all comedians get: Do people expect you be funny in bed?

Emily and Adam bond over tales of their adorable Jewish mothers, and the dudes explain why young boys are essentially “walking boners with feet”. Then they move on to the logistics of old people sex, shower sex and the importance of down-there hair maintenance.

From turn-ons and turn-offs to sexual bucket lists to crossing the line with Oprah, no topics are off limits in this episode!

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Did you know that there’s an estimated 15 million swingers in the world?  This week, Emily interviews Daniel Stern, author of Swingland: Between the Sheets of the Secretive, Sometimes Messy, but always Adventurous Swinging Lifestyle. Listen in on how a single man learned to navigate “The Lifestyle” and pick up some specific tips on how you can add a little spice to your sex life. Daniel shares his insider experiences and tips that we can use in any relationship - whether swinging, married, dating or single.

Emily and Anderson catch up and we hear all about Emily’s sold out “How to Blow (His Mind)” workshop at Hustler. Plus, the pair dare to ask Dan about some of his most crazy stories about swinging. Prepare yourself for dominatrixes, orgies and cuckolding gone wrong!

Daniel shares how The Lifestyle took him from being “bad at sex” to a master in the bedroom. He shares his best tips for performing oral sex on a woman, how to date and still be a swinger and the best websites to use when you’re looking for a partner (or partners).  Also, he explains why you might have the wrong impression of what a swinger really is and the pros and cons of being a swinger. What’s the best way to introduce a new partner to your sexual past? Do all swingers have ponytails? Is The Lifestyle right for you? Those questions answered and more in the latest episode of Sex With Emily!

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This week’s Podcast is chock full of sexual information, all aimed to improve your sex life and make you feel good!

Emily’s special guest, Coyote the woman BEHIND the sex toys, and is head of purchasing for, which pretty much makes her the expert!

In this episode, Coyote and Emily talk sex toys of all shapes and sizes! Want to know what toys are best for singles, couples, anal, g-spot, waterproof, etc? These ladies have the answers.

Coyote uses her expert knowledge to guide newcomers through choosing their first sex toy. She and Emily give advice for a married listener who wants to introduce sex toys into the bedroom, and delve into the wonderful world of lube!

Emily shares a story of her deep personal connection to Good Vibrations and Coyote tells us about her experiences in the ever-changing sex toy industry, including how she got started, what it’s like to shop sex toys for a living, and how her job has positively affected her own sex life.

Emily also has special guests Ken and Helle from Baci on the show to talk about their new line of sexy lingerie and hosiery, and the awesome summer selfie contest coming up! Want to feel sexy AND have the chance to win $500 worth of Baci clothes? Ken and Helle tell you how!

The gang talks new things coming out for GoodVibes, including some technologically advanced sex toys that make intimacy possible over long distances (or as Anderson puts it, making it harder and harder to rationalize cheating).

This Podcast is all about the positive side of sex, why people should never stop the SEXplorations, and always have fun with it! All this & more in this week’s show!


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On the latest podcast Emily interviews adult film star Siri, the all-natural beauty who has swiftly skyrocketed to success. Listen in as this self-proclaimed “late bloomer” turned sex-positive bombshell give specific tips for performing oral sex on women (and men), anal sex, the truth about faking orgasms - on and off camera, her favorite position and her fantasy role as Power Girl in the world of cosplay. 

Siri shares why her biggest turn on is dirty talk, how to deal with jealousy in a non-monogamous relationship and how she went from being a Texas girl to being named the AVN Performer of the Year.

Also, Emily gives us the inside scoop about her night out at a Hollywood premiere party and Anderson gives her his two cents about it! Later, they both weigh in on Siri’s instructions for masturbating.

From Siri’s role as an activist for The UnSlut Project to what her husband got her for her birthday (you’ll be as surprised as Emily was!), nothing’s off limits in the latest episode of Sex With Emily.

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In the latest podcast Emily and Menace are talking all about pushing the boundaries of your relationship. Whether or not you’re wondering if your friends-with-benefits situation will ever become something more, questioning if you should introduce your true love to swinging, or concerned about how to acquaint a new partner with your favorite sex toy- this show is for you. Emily is here to give you her tried and true advice!

Looking for a surefire way to escape the friendzone, want to know how to escape a dead end relationship? Curious about what kind of accessories you’ll need to handle a partner that squirts? This podcast has it all. Plus, Menace and Emily talk about their newfound love for the beach and debate a character from their past- “Captain Erotica.”

Is anal the new blowjob? Is squirting the new anal? Find out on the latest episode of Sex With Emily!

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In this week’s podcast, Emily and Menace are back in action, ready to answer listener emails and talk sex, love and relationships. Emily had a rough morning and shares the gory details. Plus, we cover the recent  developments in Emily’s social life.  Menace announces his BIG Taco Bell news and he and Emily embrace their brother-sister relationship with a little sibling squabble, followed by a quick makeup.

Next Emily and Menace move on to some freakier subjects, including freaky sex ads on Craigslist and ‘freaky’ first time sex moves.

Emily explains why you should avoid getting too kinky the first time you sleep with someone  and shares her experience with some overzealous men.

Answering listener emails, Emily gives advice to a girl going off to college, looking to explore her “inner freak-” and shares her ideas for the dream sex toy starter kit.  

Then Emily counsels a man who is frustrated with his married sex life and thinking of cheating.

This podcast addresses the hard-hitting questions: What’s Menace’s all time favorite taco? What’s the best music to listen to when you masturbate? What if Emily had an orgy and nobody came? Find out the answers and more in this week’s show!


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On today’s show, Emily demonstrates her top mantra: communication is lubrication. Emily compiled a list of the most popular questions she gets asked from listeners and teaches communication skills those sticky situations. If communication is a tough subject for you, don’t worry, she give you a script for that.

Subjects include: How do I talk about anal sex?, How do I talk about erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation?”Emily shares the most effective ways to ask for more oral sex and encourages women to be open (and honest) about their orgasms.

So, what do you do if your partner doesn’t want to go down on you? How do you ask a new partner about STIs? And, of course, how do you stay out of the dreaded “friend zone?” Emily explains why you need to approach these touchy situations and how to do it right.


Emily’s panel of female truth-tellers today include her assistant Lauren and her intern Carolyn. The women discuss common issues women deal with during sex, but don’t ever talk about.

Both women share the truth about their own romantic lives. Emily coaches them with scripts to deal with their current relationship challenges and also helps her listeners with their toughest questions. The Sex With Emily women contribute specific tips on how to ask for what you want in and out of the bedroom. You don’t want to miss this.



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